Acoustic Transducers To Detect And Eliminate Incoming Mortar Rounds

There perhaps a method for utilizing acoustic transducers to stick point approaching foe law, for example, mortar adjusts to destroy them. Directional sound waves from acoustic transducers set at explicit areas around cordial areas can make fake boundaries, which the approaching mandate should pass to arrive at its objective and in this manner be identified and located or quadrangulated for capture.

A bunch of five units would be set upĀ Melamine Foam around the headquarters is a particular plan and precise aspects point up out of sight. As the approaching mortar round crossed the sound wave it would be distinguished and set off an Event Code. As the mortar round again gone ahead it would hit at this point increasingly an air-divider and a direction would be shaped and numerically registered. As of now the PC would unravel this data and send up an eliminate shot to raise a ruckus around town in mid-air.

The approaching mortar or foe round would in this manner be disposed of likewise by guiding the eliminate shot to its proceeded and future direction. With a progression of mirrors and five acoustic transducers making the sound wave boundaries this ought to be feasible to safeguard our soldiers. Despite the fact that I have not done all the math expected to demonstrate this will work; I accept it will. Assuming you have information in this domain; ponder and tell me what you think of.